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Related post: Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 09:56:57 EST From: Subject: Rained Out RAINED OUT By Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM I turned in bed and listened to the rain. Nuts, not again! I hadn't seen kid models dallas so much rain during the summer in my life! And what it meant was that I was going to be stuck at home again with Raymond. Raymond was my male model pics mother's live-in boyfriend. Ever since my mother divorced my father, it was like she was out to date every sleaze-ball and scuzz-bucket she could find. Raymond was a case in point, and he had been living with us for two weeks now. His hair was dirty-blond, and it covered him all over, that same color that left his body looking like some sort of mostly-shaved gorilla. His face was rugged, his jaw jutting out in little miss model a belligerent pose, his lips curled into a sneer at the least provocation. His eyes were steel-gray and something about them made me quiver inside every time they looked my way, like they had guessed every secret I had. Raymond worked construction, which meant that he sat around the house, when he bothered to dress at all, in soiled dungarees, a white, ribbed tank-top and a yellow construction hard-hat that never seemed to leave his head. When he got dressed, it went on, when he got undressed, it came off. But construction was a sort of off-and-on kind of job to have, and it seemed like he didn't work more days than he did. When he wasn't working or when, like today, he was rained out, he didn't even put that much on. He would sit there on the living playtoy models room couch the entire day wearing only a pair of very ragged underwear. His body was enormous, a huge chest-barrel that left his nipples as stretched-out orphans willey top models on a tiny goth models massive shelf of muscle, then to his tightly-packed abs which resembled the top of a six-pack. His arms were thick hams of power and his biceps proclaimed their huge presences every time he'd lift a beer to his lips. His legs were huge barrels of elliptical muscles down to his knees, his calves were twin globes below that, his feet were huge and writhed as he sat sprawled out, like independently living things. When I commented about it to him, he always responded that it was just me and him in the house, why bother getting dressed at all? I could run around naked for all he cared. That gave me a funny tingle inside, the way he'd models teen ls grin at me when he said that. Mom had preten lingerie models gone off to her job, and it was a good sweet natural models thing she had a job, Raymond's pay was good but not regular enough to keep the house if she'd depended upon his income. I never asked Mom what her money arrangement with Raymond was, I just kept my mouth shut and reminded myself it wasn't that many days before I'd be out of the house training bra models for college and tried to get along with the guy in the meantime. But it was still mid-summer, college was over six weeks away, and I was working evenings and weekends as a pizza delivery boy, which meant that I was model call girls left hanging around the house all day every day. Raymond was also around the house a lot with his job, and Mom was out all day with frequent overtime, and me hardly seeing her with my own job. I saw a lot more of Raymond young models petite nude pretten models than julia teen model I did of her. And to my surprise, I was beginning to like the guy, in a sort of non-mental, rude sort of way. I heard the television set go teen models list on downstairs, some fucking game show. Raymond watched them like they were teen model sensational actual entertainment. Afternoons, it was those stupid talk shows where white trailer trash came on and put on a show by letting everyone know who they were screwing and how wrong it was that they were doing it. Raymond watched those kinds especially. I got out of bed, feeling hungry, and looked at the time. Ten thirty. Well, I'd go downstairs and wolf down a bowl of cereal. I looked down at my own red briefs and snickered. They were as raggedly and loose on me as Raymond's were on him. I started to pull a pair of shorts on over them, model teen illegal but decided I'd give Raymond a dose of his own medicine. He kept trotting around the house in those shorts that let his dick flop around like a mouse trying to find its way out of a bag, katya model well, let him watch me do that for a while and see if he decided to dress mornings from now on. So I went into the kitchen the back way and then into the living polish model oklahoma room, going to sit on the couch with Raymond all lank and loose the way he did, and let him get a big dose of his own medicine. And if he said I could go naked for all he cared, I was going to shuck my briefs that very kid model photo moment. Bet the latina fitness models guy would blush bright red; wipe that smile off his face! I felt amateur british models my cock shift in my shorts, filling out but not getting hard. Good, if I could keep a nice bulge in there, so much the better. Raymond was miniskirt models porn sprawled out over the couch, the photo preeteen model only piece of furniture in the room. The room was long and narrow, best models nude with a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, sliding glass door on the far side. It looked out into the back yard and a high board fence; we weren't putting on a show for anyone. I said, nudes models young "Hey, Raymond, scoot up and let me sit down." Raymond looked at me and I saw his eyes widen a little. "So sit down." He said. He didn't get up and he didn't shift, he just spread his legs, perching one on top of the couch and the other going down 6yo underwear model foot-flat on the floor. Well, that did anorexic models media leave enough room for me to sit down. I sat and saw him looking at me, so I grinned inside and turned so my back was in the corner of the couch, and put my own foot up on the sofa. The top of my knee just brushed the hairs on his calf on top of the couch in that position. He didn't move it away, and neither did I. "Got any plans today, Ced?" he asked me. My name is Cedric and my friends daisey teen model call me Rick, but when I told Raymond that, he pretended to forget which half of my name to use and called me "Ced" after that. jap teen models I tried calling him "Mond" whenever he'd use the nickname, but he just grinned and kept on doing it, and I gave up and he won on points, so to speak. "Nah." I said. "Was going to go to the beach, but got rained out. How about you?" "Same thing." he shrugged. I could'a told you yesterday it'd rain like a motherfucker all day today. Boss laid me off starting yesterday, blak models girls on count of it's been raining too much lately. We were laying a foundation and about to pour concrete, but we can't do a damned thing until it dries out, and the homeowner just sort of gave up for now." Ouch. "That's bad." I just said. "You decided to take my advice about clothing, boob model teen huh?" he said pretee underwear models after a short pause. The game show was blathering away, but he hadn't looked at it since I came into the room. "Yeah." I said. "It's a hot day and the foto child model rain just makes it all sticky." I said. exotic swimwear model "So since you keep saying you don't care how I dress, I thought I'd take you up on it for a change." "Doesn't matter to me." he said. "You can walk around naked all day for all I care." The signal. I felt my stomach fluttering and I looked over at his crotch. It was so big, that bulge there, it never seemed to be all shrunken and small. Sometimes it was bigger than others, but it was always a large distended mass inside the shorts. Now, it was bigger than ever, it seemed, but nothing to tell me he had an erection. I looked at my own shorts, they were the same way; my cock felt full but not hard. So airbrushing teen models I went through worlds top models with it. I put down belamie models the bowl of half-eaten cereal and stood up and said as casually as I could. "Okay. Don't mind if I do." "Attaboy." he said softly. I pulled the briefs over my thin legs, wishing they were big and thick like Raymond's. His leg came back down to rest on the sofa as I straightened up. He grinned while staring right at my crotch, and I felt my cock jerk in response. I super model galleries sat down quickly, to young model girl hide boeing herpa models my erection. What the hell was I thinking here? "Hey, ls model crazy move your leg." "That's okay, Ced." He said, again, so softly, like a caress. "Go ahead and get comfortable. si models tits Just settle in and boat model manufacturers relax, man." I did sit back, and now preety models my bare buttocks were chock-a-block against his hairy calf. "Lean back. All the way back." he suggested and I did so. My cock was sitting upright now. "Nice." He breathed to me. "Very nice." I looked over and he now definitely had a hard-on. It pushed his loose shorts up into a tent. "Thanks." I said, my voice weak and tenuous, but it came out like his own, soft and seductive. That gave me the courage to say, "Yours looks pretty good, too." "Yeah." He hunched with his hips, then reached down to shift his groin, and now the tent was a proud mountain of manhood. He was lit schoolgirl russian models with the diffused white light from the window, it made his body glow almost silver, only my own body dimming his glory where I blocked the light from his side nearest the couch, petite model covering with shadow one leg and part of his stomach. I stared at his crotch, the way clairol tv models it moved and pulsed like a living thing. I had just realized that he nngirls teens models was doing this on purpose, jerking his cock by wiggling the little sweets models muscles at its base, making it twitch for me, and I licked my lips. "Take it out for me." he said. Again, the soft words, so delicate and unforceful. So unlike this macho construction worker's usual persona. He wasn't a brute beast of a man, he had somehow, with that tone, become something more intimate and regal at the same time. My hand moved to his top model kid crotch of its own volition, I was a gambar model bikini passenger in my own body. I reached over and pulled the weak elastic ashlynn brooke model band down and tucked it beneath his balls, and his masculinity stood in all his revealed glory, a proud tower of manhood, a rod of maleness, a pillar of sheer, pure virility, clean and supple beneath my anniston model questing fingers. Having his permission to reveal it had become permission to touch it, and I was, I felt it out and caressed it like a reclining tiger, timid and fearful of the consequences, and yet adoring the feel of it at the same time, supermodels free nude it was sheer risk and complete danger. Yet, how could I be in danger of this man, who lay there supine and limp, unprotesting of my motions? I got down onto the floor to kneel by its side, and I felt his balls as he reclined there, watching me through half-closed eyes, his lips parted female japanese model slightly as I reached deeper and lower and probed now the skin below his ballsac, that tender, aromatic, moist area of velvet skin pedo models blog and rich texture and 16yo model that touch as I roamed so slowly near erotic model rusia his foyer models anus, gave vent to his first real sound. "Ahhh!" he said. "Niiiiiice!" "You like that?" I grinned at him, throwing his own grin back at him, nonude girl models and he grinned it in return. That's asian models young when I felt martine model rapidshare his hand on the floor rise up and fumble for, grasp my prod, just grabbing hold of it, nothing more. Just holding onto me like that. "You bet." He sighed. "I didn't think you'd ever get the hint. I was about to give up and move out." "Move out?" I asked. His hand began to pump my pud very slowly, languidly, less an attempt to arouse me and 3d models furniture more like he did it because it just felt good and he wanted preeteen underwear models to do it. He grinned. "Your mother is nice and good in bed, but once a week is plenty for her. Fine when that was all we saw each other, but now...well, if I hadn't caught a few looks from you, I would have left for someone tiny models tpg I didn't think you were ever going to take the hint and come down in your briefs like you did. Couldn't you tell I was giving you an invitation?" "Yeah, I guess so." I said. "But you don't think of your mother's lover as putting out such a signal." "Mmmm." He said for I had now found and probed the tender indentation that was his anus. "Well, there's plenty of me to go around, if you're interested." "Service me during the day and her at night, huh?" I said, trying the idea on for size. "From my bed into hers." "Shit, I could start sleeping with you and she wouldn't care." he said, with the closest thing to vehemence since we'd started. "She complains that I snore, keeps jabbing me awake during the night and telling me to shut up. She hasn't wanted to do anything with me for about nine nights now. Lately I've been ls models pictures coming out here and sleeping instead." "Oh." I said. And then after a pause. "Oh." "Yeah." he said, amy kane model and now his hand on my prick was getting insistent. "Now how about a little loving? My alizee teen model cock needs attention now. It's feeling awful wanted webcam models neglected." His hand pumped my own pud as a reminder. I grinned and leaned over and took it into my mouth. It was clean and full and rich, and the only scent in my nostrils was a gentle musky smell, that was concentrated Raymond. I felt the velvety cockhead on my tongue, and then the silken foreskin that tuckered and rolled between my lips, smoothing the way over the hard, unyielding shaft beneath. "Ahhh, yeahhh!" Raymond moaned softly again, that husky soft voice that spoke directly to my soul. Somehow, right then, I realized that he had moved into this house, atk models into my mother's bed, as a natalie model way to get next to me! I decided to test big busty models this; I rose up and around so that I could kneel on the chair arm, and my cock hung down over his face. He never moved while I did this, never protested or shifted in any way, just let me pressed my dong down into his face wet models while I recaptured his pud, and when I did that, I felt his warm, rich lips fasten upon my prong and he began to suck it lustily. Man, I was in heaven! My own live-in lover. I pressed down so that my face was buried in his crotch, his prick was buried in my google porno modell throat, I had hold of him now, and I didn't ever want to let go. child models fusker With my weight now resting on my elbows, I was able to once again find that little tuckerhole with my finger and I probed into it once again. That brought the longest, most-heartfelt moan I'd ever tiny model org heard, and my finger suddenly found the way open, and it slid in easily! Then, my finger buried in his ass, it clamped shut again. Raymond was really began to suck on my carmen model latina schlong, he was pumping his head for all he was worth, and I gave him some of the same, his cock heating up until it felt as if it were sort of glowing in my mouth. I could see the cockhead in my mind's eye, all red-hot and the cockshaft below was somehow irina vladmodel white-hot instead, two kinds of heat with the shaft being purer and hotter and cleaner, and I felt my own jasmin teen model cock glowing not with heat alpha models pussy but with passion, it was tingling like it never had with my hand, or with any of my few prior lovers, it was being milked with expert lips and Raymond had it almost singing with calcium atom models the thrills that raced through the shaft and into my body with his every move. And in that moment, with my body filled with the pleasures of the body, I lost my balance! I rolled off the couch and onto the floor, landing with a dull whump! I wasn't hurt, it wasn't too far a fall, but it was damned embarrassing. But Raymond treated it like I had done it on purpose, he rolled off with me, and his top men models legs landed on either side of my head, and now I had his cock stuffed in my throat russian modelling and he was on top of me, free to lunge as he wanted to, while I could only hold my lips in position and endure as he fucked at my mouth. I tugged those ridiculously loose briefs down his thighs and then used my head to press them down to his knees, and now I could reach all of him. We sucked on each other and the delay caused by my fall and the shift in position somehow intensified nude women models the feelings, now my privat nude models body was on a new level of sensation with every movement of Raymond on my cock, the taste of his own cock was ambrosia, and I palped female top models his buttocks and caressed them as lilittle models pre I could, and Raymond's cock glowed once more and now his grunts told me he was close, very close. I reached up and with my finger I found sierra teen model his asshole yet again and this time I shoved it in without giving him time to welcome it, I forced it into his body and he groaned, moaned, and his body turned into a hunching brute atop me and his come-load burst into my mouth and was shoved into my throat as he continued to hunch at me. I was already climbing the heights of ecstasy myself, and I groaned, choking on his thick packets of sperm, tasting the salty taste of him, and his moans were muffled by my russion child model prong and I felt it vibrate to the groans he lavished upon it, and I choked, swallowed as well as modelo argentina desnuda I could and my own climax mauled my body and I spewed upwards into him. He jerked as if surprised, but he held on tight and I filled his mouth while he gulped at it greedily, drinking me down while I sucked his rod empty of its last dregs, and blissfully lost in time and space, Raymond and I was all there was. We finished and he rolled down to lay beside me while still partly on me, one leg across my shoulders and one arm resting with hand on my opposite thigh. There was a long pause of silence, then Raymond said, "Whoof! Man, that was as good conceptual model rehabilitation as I figured it would be! You're one fantastic lay, Ced." "Thanks, Mond." escort model services I said to him. "You weren't so bad yourself." He staggered up young preten models and fell onto the couch again, all sprawled out as before. "I'm getting kind of hungry." he murmured. "I think there's some stew left in the fridge. I'll heat it up for us." I said. "Great." he said. After that impromptu lunch, he got a phone call, and then said he'd decided to check in at his union hall. He still hadn't come in by ten o'clock that night, and I school childmodels galleries wondered if he was regretting things; avoiding me even. I went ahead and went to bed. I woke up some time later hearing voices in the hallway. My Mother started the conversation. "Well, there you are. I was wondering where you were, you could have called." "Well, dear, I've just returned from looking nn ukraine models for ellis rivera model another job. I lost mine today." "Ooh, that's too bad." my Mother crooned. "What are you going to do about your share of the rent?" "I got some money saved up. I can pay until I start my new job about six weeks from now." "That's good." Mom said. "You're going to be home for the next six weeks, then?" He was? Wow! I felt my cock harden right away. But then.... "Yeah. But the problem is, the new job is quite a ways away. I'll have to move up there." "Oh." My mother sniffed. "Well, if you have to, you have to." "I'm sorry." He said. "I can come see you on weekends?" Mother sniffed again. "I need help with the rent, not a weekend visitor. If you can't pay, then I'll just have to find someone else." "I petite models archive assumed you already had. All that overtime, after all." "We'll speak no more on that." I recognized that guilty tone in Mom's voice; he had her dead to rights. "Well, let's go to bed." "Not with me, you won't. You can just sleep on the couch for the next six weeks, like you've been doing." "Fine! I will." "Fine!" And Mom closed her bedroom door. It was silent for a time, then I felt the bed littlre girl model shift oh-so-quietly, looked up, just could make him out in the darkness, that grin the brightest part of him. "Hi." Raymond whispered. "Need a bed partner?" "You bet!" I said. I had six weeks with best models top him. By that time, I'd be off in college. It wasn't a lifetime, but it was better than nothing. "You overheard all that outside?" he said softly to me. I loved that soft tone of voice, coming from him. I heard the clothing rustle as he removed it. The clank of that hardhat landing on my desk. "Yeah. Where is your new job?" "Winfield." he said. I heard the elastic band snap as he removed them. "Winfield?" I asked him, dumbfounded. "But that's where I...." His finger touched my lips. That was where I was going to college! "Shh, you'll wake your mother!" Raymond said. "Yeah, I know. That's why I grabbed the job when I heard about it. What about it, kid, could you use a roommate?" "Sure!" I said. "I have to warn you that I snore." "I don't care." I said earnestly. "Now come to bed." The bed shifted, and I felt his warmth enter the bed, felt his body press against mine, felt his arms around me. Outside, it began to rain again. THE END Comments, suggestions or complaints? Send E-mail to TOMMYHAWK1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM
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